It sure is exciting to kick off the 2012 Real Diaper Week!  With the Great Cloth Diaper Change only a few days away, this week is a great chance to really focus on reaching out of the community to help more families find and use reusable cloth diapers.  Since so many folks are doing a great job with this, I’m going to point you to several that I’ve found most useful today.

Educating the advocates. As I mentioned on the blog for the Great Cloth Diaper Change, the primary way that we learn about diapering is from the companies trying to sell us more diapers.  To combat that constant barrage of advertising, you can choose to educate yourself, and you would do well to start with Dawn’s writeup on the Dangers of Disposable Diapers at Small Footprint Family.

Advocacy strategy. Calley, The Eco Chic, tackles advocacy strategies in 10 Ways You Can Become a Cloth Diaper Advocate to which Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry adds some simple steps to Be a Better Advocate.  Because YOU can help change diapering practices!

Using visuals. Using other ways to advocate and educate is important, and Tara at Country Drawers has created some great visuals about cloth diapers. I had to pin the annual number of disposables vs. reusables per year, shown here.

Cloth Diaper Basics. Speaking of other ways to educate, how about this video out of the Real Diaper Circle of Wayne County, North Carolina? Cloth Diaper 101 in English and ASL! If education is your focus, you also can’t go wrong with a clear explanation about washing cloth diapers like they’ve done on Eco Baby Steps.  Mythbusting your thing? First Time Mom Elizabeth has you covered.

Ongoing Advocacy. Bryana and the gang at Diaper Junction also have some great ways to kick off Real Diaper Week advocacy.  They model their cloth diaper advocacy gear here and announce a photo contest that will benefit the Real Diaper Association’s work longer term!

All the outreach that volunteers are doing leading up to the Great Cloth Diaper Change is resulting in increased attention to cloth diapers! Here are some of today’s news highlights:

Katherine Loichinger of North Charleston, South Carolina, is pictured hanging her fitted diapers on the line. She and 114 other parent/baby pairs are registered to attend the Park Circle GCDC on Saturday. “Local moms use cloth diapers to save money,” The Post and Courier, April 16, 2012.

Karen Lord is featured in a piece about the significant financial and environmental value of cloth diapers. She expects 30-40 parent/baby pairs at the Canmore GCDC event that she is hosting. “Real value in cloth diapers,” Calgary Herald, April 12, 2012.

Check out Anita Palmer of Cloth Diaper Utah in Salt Lake City juggling child and sewing machine as she makes cloth diapers for the Utah Diaper Bank. For parents who qualify for WIC, she teaches a cloth diaper class then gives each family 6 handmade diapers to try out cloth diapering. “Cloth-diaper bank aims to make change possible,” Salt Lake Tribune, April 11, 2012.

Heather McNamara
Executive Director, Real Diaper Association



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  1. Monica - Cheap Baby Diapers Says:

    I love this! I am a huge proponent of switching over to cloth diapers; they’re so much more environmentally friendly. It’s incredible how many disposable diapers end up in dumps every year, and that would all change if people would switch over to cloth diapers.

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